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Wonder Woman pets Supergirl

Doesn’t matter how tough Supergirl is, she’s unable to withstand tender petting, Wonder Woman shares with her. Girl’s strong and beautiful body is bending in sweet pleasure, excited to the maximum, when tender and lustful hands of Wonder Woman are crawling down her belly and dive under her panties. Supergirl is groaning and shaking with every touch, because she’s unable to take it anymore, but Wonder Woman isn’t in a hurry, rubbing and squeezing her awesome body slowly and with relish.

Wonder Woman plays horny jokes

Big seductive boobs of Wonder Woman’s girlfriend make the lustful superhero pounce onto her from behind, suddenly squeezing her round tits with mighty hands. Both girls are naked, wearing nothing but tiny thong, hardly covering their seductive plump pubes. Enticed by the delicious booty of her girlfriend, Wonder Woman puts her hands onto it, pressing tenderly, and suddenly unties the strings on her panties, when the girl isn’t prepared for it, carried away by the squeeze Wonder Woman gives her.

Catwoman drilling Wonderwoman’s pussy

Oh, these hot and undefeatable superheroes can be so naughty and unpredictable! Are you ready for sweet arousing shock? Watch the hottest lesbian cartoons and find out how Catwoman and Wonderwoman get wild dyke fun together. The two shapely mighty chicks are so tired of fighting with cruel rascals they can think of nothing but having some sexual fun. They do not care that males are temporary unavailable. Without wasting time the naughty painted girls start playing with each other licking each other’s sweet clits and moaning with kinky lesbian pleasure!

Catwoman and Wondewoman enjoy wild dyke games

Sometimes superheroes meet to foil a gang of evil bastards. That is the reason why Catwoman and Wonderwoman decide to act together. The next day they are having a very dangerous raid and every chick bears in mind that it is probably the last night of their lives. No wonder soon the shapely hot babes rush to each other and fuck like never before! They forget all about throbbing manhoods and enjoy each other’s perky nipples, tight asses and juicy cunts. That is definitely a must see lesbian stuff!

Wonderwoman and Catwoman have forbidden fucking fun

Have you ever thought that even the strongest and the kindest superheroes have their limits? Well, these dirty adult comics tell us a story of sweet female revenge. Finally after tiring and dangerous adventures Catwoman and Wonderwoman manage to catch and tie their evil antagonist. Before giving the bastard to the authorities the painted girls have wild fun making the poor male hot and hard, giving him their willing pussies to lick but preventing the fellow from coming. That is totally kinky!

Wonder Woman likes fucking with girls

Even superheroes have their limits and they sometimes need rest and relaxation! No wonder Wonderwoman> and some other super-girls made a party to escape from their daily routine and have some fun! Soon the hen party gets too hot and dirty-minded chicks start taking off their clothes one after another! The view of perfect boobs, thin waists and tight butts is so arousing the lustful ladies cannot control their fucking beasts any more and start kissing and licking each other’s nipples before going really hardcore!