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As every superhero Wonderwoman has to be alert every second of her life to conquer her major antagonist. Today the mighty painted girl has a very lucky day, she manages to foil and tie the dirty evil bastard threatening ordinary people. Before giving him to the police the naughty chick decides to take her sweet revenge teasing and torturing the bluish rascal. As soon as the horny male gets a boner he receives cold shower and in a wink breathtaking teasing and patting starts again! What a wild trickster the babe is!

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Sometimes is it unbearable for superheroes to lead their usual life of dangers and fight with evil super-villains! That is why, in our dirty comics at least, the famous painted girls and fellows meet to have a good time just like ordinary folks do. Have no doubts that superlovers are bound to have supersex! Check it out watching Captain America and Wonderwoman fucking. When the lucky guy is about to explode he withdraws his mighty throbbing love-tool to hit the willing slut with a stream of white painted cum straight in her cute face!

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Superheroes are always supposed to be there to save the whole world but isn’t it boring sometimes to be so kind, nice and outrageous? That is exactly what gorgeous superchick Wonderwoman thought when she felt horny and headed for the city library. There she found a meek-looking bespectacled guy and seduced the lucky stag right in front of other library visitors! After a few cockthrilling tricks from the babe the lustful sex-craving guy did not give a fuck to all those envious bastards watching him and Wonderwoman going hardcore!
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