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Try to imagine you are a superhero and every second of your life you must be ready to save the world. That is disgusting and stressful and the only way out is a day off and a good fuck! That is exactly what our beautiful painted Wonderwoman does – she goes straight to the city library and seduces some smart stud there. The kinky couple fucks right on the table in the middle of the reading hall and gradually other visitors join the bonking fun having realized no clever book is better than wild and uncontrolled sex!

Wonderwoman drilled on the library table

Life of superheroes is stressful and dangerous, no wonder one day Wonderwoman takes a day off to relax and have some fun. The statuesque beauty heads for the library and seduces a shy guy who came there to find some books to read. The lustful fucker who never dreamt of possessing a girl like Wonderwoman starts drilling her like an oil rig right on the table in the middle of the reading hall unable to stop and control his fucking monster. Other visitors get so horny they are about to join the fucking fun!

Wonderwoman having sex in the library

You never know what is to happen in life of superheroes because they serve humanity and protect the world. One day Wonderwoman gets totally tired of the crap and starts behaving badly. Library is one of the most peaceful places everywhere that is why the kinky babe makes up her painted mind to go there. Finding a proper smart guy the busty pervert gets on his table and starts stripping. The guy does his best to resist the temptation but Wonderwoman is a perfect dream that is why the shy guy sets his fucking monster< free and nails the slut doggy-style in front of all visitors! [gallery link="file"]

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Wonderwoman is one of the most beloved toon girls ever, she is so powerful, swift and cute at the same time. Looking at the painted bitch you cannot stop thinking that for becoming an ordinary chick the super-babe needs a good fucking! Our comics show you the slut’s bitchy nature. Watch the lustful babe seducing a meek librarian. The babe undresses in front of him demonstrating her big boobs, thin waist and tight butts. Soon Wonderwoman gets what she wants – a huge bulge beneath the stag’s pants!

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All those toon stories where several famous superheroes meet are so hot and fascinating! No wonder kinky porn artists enjoy drawing dirty sex stories about wild super-threesomes. Watching this painted plot you will see Catwoman and Wonderwoman behaving badly. The two lustful sluts caught Batman and chained him to make the mighty guy their sex-slave! At first the offended superhero tries to escape but the gorgeous kinksters are so appealing and hot that the guy totally loses control covering the hungry bitches with streams of hot painted cum!

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A lot of people enjoy toon stories featuring several famous guys having supernatural powers. Now for your total satisfaction we offer you the wildest comics ever featuring the threesome of the year! Wicked-minded Catwoman and Wonderwoman chain Batman to get total access to his marvelous dick! Of course the poor guy tries to resist the temptation and be loyal to his girlfriend but finally he yields to two naughty sluts and sets his fucking monster free!

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Oh, these hot and undefeatable superheroes can be so naughty and unpredictable! Are you ready for sweet arousing shock? Watch the hottest lesbian cartoons and find out how Catwoman and Wonderwoman get wild dyke fun together. The two shapely mighty chicks are so tired of fighting with cruel rascals they can think of nothing but having some sexual fun. They do not care that males are temporary unavailable. Without wasting time the naughty painted girls start playing with each other licking each other’s sweet clits and moaning with kinky lesbian pleasure!

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This cute painted girl possessing supernatural abilities is famous for many reasons. To tell you the truth, the fact that she makes many males hot is not the least explanation of Wonderwoman’s popularity! Well, guys, be ready to grab your shafts because you are about to see the toon cutie hot and cock-craving taking her clothes off to get some wild fucking fun! Behold the gorgeous shapely babe seducing humble guys, riding their hard dicks and swallowing big throbbing dongs!

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Sometimes superheroes meet to foil a gang of evil bastards. That is the reason why Catwoman and Wonderwoman decide to act together. The next day they are having a very dangerous raid and every chick bears in mind that it is probably the last night of their lives. No wonder soon the shapely hot babes rush to each other and fuck like never before! They forget all about throbbing manhoods and enjoy each other’s perky nipples, tight asses and juicy cunts. That is definitely a must see lesbian stuff!

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Have you ever thought that even the strongest and the kindest superheroes have their limits? Well, these dirty adult comics tell us a story of sweet female revenge. Finally after tiring and dangerous adventures Catwoman and Wonderwoman manage to catch and tie their evil antagonist. Before giving the bastard to the authorities the painted girls have wild fun making the poor male hot and hard, giving him their willing pussies to lick but preventing the fellow from coming. That is totally kinky!

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